Optimized To Solve Industry-Specific Challenges

StaffUp is built for staffing companies. We partner with agencies of all types and sizes throughout the US, Canada and even the UK and Australia. Since all aspects of our service are highly configurable, the app and services can be adapted for your unique needs and purposes.

That said, certain industries have specific needs that are unique. As such, we have attracted a heavy concentration of clients in industries such as Healthcare, Nursing, Dental, Light Industrial, IT, and Professional Staffing.

In addition to these primary industries, our app has proven extremely useful in niche specific firms focused in Executive Search and Contingency based Search.


The pace of the healthcare staffing industry is extremely fast. As one of the largest and fastest growing sectors worldwide, your firm needs specialized tools to stay ahead of the competition. StaffUpApp is your key to differentiation among both your clients and candidates. In addition to our core set of features, StaffUp can help you with complex shift scheduling needs, as well as helping you stay compliant with your onboarding and credentialing requirements

  • Easily tackle complex shift scheduling needs
  • Streamline onboarding and credentialing compliance
  • Directly compete with gig platforms
  • Nursing & Travel Nursing

    Your nurses have lots of options when it comes to staffing agencies, and they know it. So do your clients! It's imperative that you give both of them a world class experience from the very first day they meet you. StaffUp gives you the power to stand out from the competition and streamline every aspect of both client and candidate communications. From client self service portals, to candidate redeployment, StaffUp understands what our clients need to be successful in Nursing!

  • User-friendly self-serve client portal
  • Effortless deployment/scheduling
  • Dramatically improved redeployment rates
  • Dental

    In the fast paced world of Dental Staffing, speed and communication are key. Your clients need solutions that are built for the modern age. Phone calls and emails aren’t going to cut it any more. It's time to take over your market by providing a People + Technology staffing solution. StaffUp will take care of the technical logistics of automating everything for your clients and your candidates. You provide the industry expertise and human touch that “technology only” platforms will never be able to compete with.

  • Automate all technical logistics for your clients and candidates
  • Dramatically improved redeployment rates
  • Reach better candidates, faster
  • Light Industrial

    StaffUp shines in the light industrial space. We take the “Million Small Things” you do every day and automate the vast majority of them. This frees up your team to focus more on high impact, high reward type activities instead of playing shepherd all day. We’ll help you improve all the metrics that matter such as more applications for less money, more onboardings completed, faster time collection and approvals, and payroll errors all but eliminated.

  • More onboardings completed, faster
  • Significantly reduce no-shows
  • Easy time collection and approvals
  • Eliminate payroll errors
  • IT

    If you staff the most technologically focused humans, why not use the most technologically advanced tools to do so? Your workforce is expecting you to be a leader in your field and help them find the most promising and exciting projects to work on. Show them that you care about technology as well and meet them where they want to be met. Our branded app is just what you need to stand out among the thousands of other vendors and keep your candidates engaged. Your workforce will appreciate how easy it is to do everything they need to with your company, all from the comfort of your own app.

  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Easily generate consistent referrals
  • Keep candidates engaged
  • Professional

    Some of our most successful clients are focused on professional staffing in niche industries such as Finance & Accounting, Legal, Clerical, Scientific & Pharmaceutical, Retail, Insurance, Construction, Cannabis, and others. As with other industries, candidates have many options and are looking for firms that stand out among the competition. Your fully branded mobile app puts a job board and direct messaging platform directly in every one of your prospects' pockets. We’ll help you increase applications and referrals, while saving you money on job advertising costs. What’s not to love about that?

  • Increase applications and referrals
  • Save money on job advertising costs
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Executive & Contingency Search

    We have a loyal following of clients in the traditional search and recruiting space. Our base app helps to solidify your brand and niche and provide a new source of candidates and referrals that you never thought possible. Our unique messaging features put a “Recruiter in the pocket of every candidate” and have higher response rates than Phone, Email or SMS. Replace your outdated career section on your website with something that will actually drive more business.

  • Increase brand prestige
  • Communicate more effectively with candidates
  • We make it easy for you to make things easy for your candidates, recruiters, and clients.