May 9 2023

SIA’s Staffing Platforms as a Service Global Landscape Report 2023

We are proud to be acknowledged for our efforts to create a branded mobile app that offers in-app proprietary onboarding, timekeeping, scheduling, and communication tools to make the candidate and client journey seamless. Staffing firms can now streamline their redundant tasks with StaffUpApp, attracting, onboarding, communicating with, and deploying their mobile workforce with ease.

Our solution is designed to help staffing firms fill more jobs and improve business metrics that matter most. With StaffUpApp, candidates are empowered to take control of their work life through our People + Technology approach, resulting in consistent referrals and the activation of passive talent.

We invite you to explore SIA’s Staffing Platforms as a Service Global Landscape Report 2023 for insights into our innovative and industry-leading solution. If you’re interested in learning more about how our platform can transform your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us: StaffUpApp - Contact Us
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November 10 2022

How Mobile-First Staffing Platforms Are Changing the Game for Agencies

We live in a mobile-first world. Nearly 60% of all internet time is spent on mobile phones. Of that, 88% is on mobile apps. In addition, people have changed how they communicate – moving away from phone and email, and toward mobile apps and services like SMS.

It’s clear where candidates are spending their time. Despite these changes, less than 10% of staffing firms have a clearly-defined mobile strategy.

This creates a unique opportunity for staffing firms to completely revolutionize the way they run their business and engage talent.

Tune in for a webinar you won’t want to miss! We’ll show you how:

Mobile-first staffing platforms are completely changing the game Agencies like yours are improving all of the metrics that matter most You can increase the overall value of your offering in the eyes of both candidates and investors!

Adjusting to new communication and engagement preferences takes more than posting jobs on a mobile-friendly website. Everything your company does can — and should — be optimized for the mobile-first world we live in, starting from brand recognition and talent attraction all the way through onboarding, deployment, time tracking, and more.
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March 8 2022

Build vs Buy Discussions

During the recent SIA Executive Forum, there were two sessions dedicated to Build vs Buy and several conversations I happened to sit in on.

I have an extensive background in software engineering, and up until 2020 was the Founder and CEO of a successful mobile app and infrastructure software development company. Based on what I observed, I felt that there were a few important points not being addressed.

Here are some key points to consider if you are thinking of going the “Build” path...
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February 24 2022

Most People—92%—Never Finish Online Job Applications

“According to Appcast, 92% candidate drop-off is the norm when it comes to completing online job applications (yikes!).

If you’re attending the SIA Executive Forum in Austin, come stop by our booth (#515) and find out why our seamless, app-based apply and engagement process has helped many of our clients outperform their ZipRecruiter and Indeed spends!

“54% of our new hires come from StaffUpApp and it consistently outperforms our Indeed spend.” - Greg Johnson, Co-Founder/CEO, StaffNow

“It’s always close between StaffUpApp and ZipRecruiter for the number of monthly placements and cost per hire. In June (2021), StaffUpApp had more hires than ZipRecruiter at a tremendously lower cost” - Matt Telmanik, President, CCS Construction Staffing
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February 18 2022

The Modern Way to Fill Roles Faster

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January 31 2022

From Bullhorn a ways to prospect and get new clients for your staffing agency.

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January 31 2022

10 Key Nursing Trends in 2022

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December 15 2021

Calling all staffing firms who submit I-9’s via E-Verify: The US Government is taking comments on the policy of remote verification of I-9 forms. If you like the automated process as it relates to remote verification of documents, weigh in. You have until December 27th, 2021.

Use this link, click “Comment” and let them know you want the remote verification to stay.
November 25 2021

The CEO of the world’s biggest job portal says he has a solution to the labor shortage: getting rid of the resume

October 15 2021

Job Adder’s PeopleAdder replacement Parsley

Job Adder no longer supports the PeopleAdder Chrome Extension, but don’t worry, there is a better option, the Parsley Chrome extension has more features and parses far more social media profiles then just Linkedin. Go to and check it out.
September 7 2021

StaffUpApp interview on Staffing Shark’s “Review it”

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June 29 2021

More than 9 in 10 employers make enhancing the employee experience a top priority for post-pandemic success

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May 18 2021

TikTok is launching a job hiring service to help find gigs for Gen Z

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April 7 2021

COVID-19 Impact on Recruitment: Mobile Apply Rates Overtake Desktop for the First Time Ever

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March 8 2021

Mobile job applications surpassed desktop in 2020, report says

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July 22 2020

How to Build a Competitive Staffing Tech Stack

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March 15 2020

Uber Works Begins Operations In Its Third City, Dallas

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March 4 2020

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Company's IT Job Application Process

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February 27 2020

UberWorks Can’t Replace Recruiters

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February 6 2020

Mobile Optimized Website Vs. Mobile Apps

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December 13 2019

How Mobile Recruitment Improves Recruiter Productivity

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November 22 2019

Top 10 Staffing Technology Trends for 2020

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November 5 2019

Candidates Will Matter Most In 2019, With Sourcing (61%) And Candidate Engagement (36%) Leading The Pack.

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October 17 2019

Inc. 5000 Staffing Firm Places 2x More Talent with New Tech Stack Strategy

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September 20 2019

The (Millennial) Workplace of the Future Is Almost Here -- These 3 Things Are About to Change Big Time

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August 20 2019

MRINetwork Study Reveals Lack of Mobile Compatibility Undermining Search for Top Candidates

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August 20 2019

Recruiting Technology Podcast: The Problem with Mobile Appl

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August 7 2019

The Mobile Web Is Dead, It’s All About Apps

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July 26 2019

StaffUpApp on the Chad & Cheese FIRING SQUAD

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