The Staffing Platform For The Mobile Age

Mobile-First Staffing Platforms Are Changing the Game for Agencies,
Improving the Metrics That Matter


The StaffUp Difference

We focus on providing the best experience for candidates, recruiters, and clients. Your firm’s own branded app will be the first real experience candidates will have with your firm.
It’s essential to make that experience a good one.

Mobile App
Mobile users are now spending 4-5 hours per day in apps (TechCrunch). It’s safe to say this usage level is a great branding opportunity for your firm. New jobs and shifts are seen faster, referrals are at the app users finger tips, onboarding documents are presented where the user spends a majority of their time. Even when users are not actively using your mobile app, they are reminded of your brand, receive new job and shift notifications and see your brand on the app icon. The presence of an app on any device helps subconsciously influence the user’s perception of that brand.
Recruiter Console
Today’s workforce is demanding more, putting more pressure on your recruiters, why not give them the tools to increase their productivity and your bottom line?
Client Portal
Clients are asking to stay in the loop and be given access to real-time data to help them manage their workforce. Give them the access they need to do this in a branded portal.

We make it easy for you to make things easy for your candidates, recruiters, and clients.