Source, engage, and place qualified candidates faster

Staffing Referrals makes it easy to capture, qualify, and convert candidates just the way you want. Move away from spreadsheets and manual processes and embrace the digital transformation.
Key Features:
    • Automatically promote your referral program
      Turn your talent pool into referral-generating machines with referral automation. Staffing Referrals provides 30+ email templates that are proven to generate referrals on day one.
    • Get up to 2x more referrals by making your referral program digital
      Easily capture and track referral leads with personalized brand ambassador dashboards and simple social sharing tools for your entire talent network.
    • Qualify talent faster with recruiting automation
      Save recruiters time with our automated qualification process. Use configurable forms and email outreach to ensure your recruiters only spend time talking to the right leads.
    • Stop wasting money on job boards
      Embrace the digital transformation and get quality candidates from people who know and trust your brand.
  • Get up to 2x more referrals
    • Grow your agency faster by getting more referrals from your existing database
  • Improve the candidate experience
    • Create transparency in your referral process with brand ambassador dashboards
  • Automate recruiting processes
    • Send referral program invitations automatically on behalf of your recruiters