Proven Experience
In 1988, the core of the future StafferLink™ team was employed by a major national medical staffing company. At that time, our team of dedicated staffing coordinators, branch directors, IT directors, and developers began to see a need to fundamentally transform and revolutionize the processes by which medical staffing needs are met. Our team’s knowledge and experience allowed us to successfully launch StafferLink™ as a company in 1995. We count it as both a success and privilege to include that original medical staffing company as our client today. Our unmatched clinical knowledge and experience continues to be responsible for our ongoing success in the medical staffing software marketplace.

That initial group which formed the core of the StafferLink™ team decided early on to primarily focus on medical staffing software. From that decision, we developed the widely-popular staffing agency software named StaffMed™ which has more than 2000 unique users in more than 35 states nationwide. As a response to our client’s overwhelming demand for a web-based solution, we developed our newest product, StafferLinkASM™.

As StaffMed™ became more and more successful, we began to see an emerging need for healthcare facility staffing solutions as well. Thus, in 2003, we launched StafferLinkFSM™ in response to this growing need for integrated staffing, credentialing, and scheduling needs. Since that time, StafferLinkFSM™ has been at the forefront of vendor management strategies.

Our products easily scale to meet the demands of the ever-changing medical staffing marketplace. Nationwide organizations, hospital facilities with multiple campuses, and smaller companies can all benefit from the advantages our staffing products provide. This is because our background gives us unmatched experience and knowledge in the marketplace which we leverage to provide progressively developed software systems to meet the needs of our clients.

Vision and Direction
StafferLink™ has focused on the unique and ever-changing healthcare staffing and medical professional management markets since its foundation in 1995. Our vision is of a healthcare staffing marketplace that is seamlessly scheduled, tracked, managed, and appropriately billed through real-time web-based software solutions. StafferLink™ will continue to lead the way in this marketplace through our commitment to service, quality, innovation, and timely response to our client’s needs.

To take our clients in that direction, StafferLink™ is dedicated to remaining focused on delivering quality products and services to the entire staffing community by utilizing our experience and leadership in this market arena. Capitalizing on our understanding of both perspectives of the staffing marketplace will allow us to fully deliver superior products that accomplish our vision.
Key Features:
  • StafferlinkFSM™
    • 100% Web-Based with no software to install ​
    • Proactive credentials management with on-line document scanning and upload ​
    • Daily and contract order capabilities
    • Registrant login for visibility of schedules, provide availability, view work and pay history
    • An integrated payroll solution provides fully-taxed checks instantly
    • Centralized model serves any size operation from single branch to enterprise level agencies
    • Robust accounting features including customizable invoicing and
    • A/R with interfaces to your General Ledger
    • Customizable reporting features provide countless reports in your choice of format
  • StafferlinkASM™
    • Seamless management of Contract/Job and Per Diem Orders
    • Real-time distribution of staffing orders with tiered release to resource pools, primary vendors, and agencies
    • Integrated Time and Attendance Features with an optional Clock-in and Clock-out portal
    • MSP/VMS specific tools for visibility and control of all facilities under management
    • Internal Resource Pool management including availability tracking, mobile notification, and login portal
    • Comprehensive Consolidated Invoicing and Vendor Payment Advice capabilities
    • Extensive Reporting tools with automated email distribution at user defined intervals