Nurse Recruitment Experts
Nurse Recruitment Experts
Since 2019, healthcare providers throughout the US and Canada have successfully engaged and recruited thousands of candidates using Nurse Recruitment Experts’ 3-step advertising, screening, and consultative process.
They help you reach further with your advertising, focus on the best talent, and add a consultative and insightful nurse recruitment expert to your team.
Key Features:
  • Reach further with strategic marketing
    • You’ll get a bespoke nurse sourcing strategy based on your market.
    • Reach up to 70% of local candidates through our advertising channels.
    • We’ll tell the story of your brand where nurses are spending time online.
    • Mobilize your brand.Be visible.Reach further to more local nurses with Nurse Recruitment Experts.
  • Get a Nurse Recruitment Expert on Your Team
    • Crying out for a personalized and consultative nurse recruitment partner? We take time to understand what our clients want and they know us.
    • You’ll get one of our Experts to act as aconsultant and ambassador for your culture and values.
    • With small upfront fees,a focus on client intimacy,and no long-term contracts, Nurse Recruitment Experts is your low-risk, results-focused partner for hiring nurses.
  • Match With Vetted Employers
    • Get connected to the best-matched positions for you. Take your pick of the healthcare organizations vying for your interest.
  • Get Interviewed & Hired
    • Save time & skip laborious applications. Get fast-tracked into a call with an in-house hospital, homecare, or senior living recruiter.