At JobRobotix, Our proprietary job bots create better efficiencies in work flow – based on both preference and need – so that you can maximize productivity. And since JobRobotix consistently collects data, and emails are processed within minutes, it’s easier than ever to simplify and automate the process in real-time.
Key Features:
  • Realtime Data.
    • Our real time data processing engine means VMS jobs reach your team in minutes.
  • Business Rules.
    • User configurable business rulesmeans only the data you want is processed and sent to your ATS.
  • Powered by the Cloud.
    • Scalable and redundantmeans 99.99% uptime.
  • Multiple integrations.
    • JobRobotix connects to virtuallyevery Healthcare VMS and ATS solution in the marketplace.
  • Easy to use.
    • Our user friendly UI means youdon't have to be technical to use.
  • Job Portal Enabled.
    • Sharing jobs with marketing websites and career portals are easier with JobRobotix.
  • Take Control of Your Data.
    • JobRobotix groups similar job types, skills, and work locations together regardless of the VMS system. Job data is pushed exactly how you need it.
  • Customized Reporting.
    • Generate and automate job history reports to gain insight into volume and staffing growth areas. See which vendors are generating the most positions.
  • Easy and Intuitive.
    • You don't need to be a programmer or spreadsheet expert to to use JobRobotix. Point and click management.