What’s in the name?
Crelate – Pronounced /krēˈlāt/

The heart of recruiting is relationship building. Our name reflects this belief.

Create + Relationships = Crelate

Our mission

Crelate was founded to help talent-focused businesses build relationships with an increasingly dynamic global workforce. We believe great things happen when people and business come together around a shared interest and mutual benefit. We build software that reflects our shared values of collaboration, transparency and equality to help everyone connect with better opportunities.

Crelate’s mission is to grow lasting prosperity for all through the empowerment of entrepreneurship and employment.
Key Features:
  • End-to-end Staffing & Recruiting Software
    • Crelate helps you make more placements with an all-in-one modern staffing & recruiting agency platform.
  • Intuitive and simple.
    • Purpose-built for the modern recruiting and staffing agency, Crelate’s recruitment and staffing software makes managing your entire workflow fast and easy.

      Our customizable drag-and-drop interface helps you quickly track the progress of your candidates, and the platform’s inbuilt tools make recording interactions, managing important tasks, and communicating with clients and candidates totally straightforward — all right from your pipeline screen.
  • Flexible by default.
    • You already know what type of workflow works best for your business. We’re here to make that workflow more efficient, effective and profitable. That’s why our tools are fully customizable to your preferences, methods, tools, and systems. We’re not here to tell you how to run your company or your recruiting process — we’re here to help you do it better — and on your terms.

  • Recruiting and Analytics.
    • Crelate is packed with integrated and flexible reporting tools to cover every part of your sales, recruitment, and delivery process.

      Back up your decision-making with data, and discover competitive advantages with custom-built, real-time analytics reports across every part of the business. Run reports on metrics that matter to your org, inform your decisions with data, and discover opportunities to improve your process.

  • Powerful and fast.
    • From call-notes to CV, accelerate your recruiting and staffing processes with robust search tools across every candidate and client interaction you’ve ever had. Your time is valuable, and we know it’s better spent building relationships than waiting for your ATS or CRM to respond to your commands.

      Crelate moves at your speed, with all of our applications and designs evaluated for performance as we build them, resulting in over 99% of user requests being satisfied within 500ms.

  • The right fit for you.
    • Designed to scale with your business every step of the way, Crelate is built for organizations of any size. We put the same amount of time, care and energy into features most useful for single-desk shops as we do into features crucial to the success of industry-leading agencies. Because we understand our industry is about people, whether they work on a team of 100 or a team of one.

  • Agency new business is part of our DNA.
    • To win in a competitive market, you need to be faster at every stage, from sales to recruiting to placement. Crelate’s completely integrated sales tools give you an edge over competitors relying on a separate or disjoined CRM to manage new business efforts and then start the fulfillment process.

      From day one with a new prospective client, Crelate gives agency owners or full-desk recruiters a bird’s-eye view of your the sales process — all on one page. This extremely powerful addition to your business toolbox helps you track when candidates can become new job leads, when new job leads can become candidates, and much more. And – like our other tools – it’s fully customizable to suit your unique workflow.