Since 2015, CEIPAL has been raising the bar in the HR software industry, with many of our innovations becoming industry-standard. We are proud to be the first company to put powerful, easy-to-use recruiting & workforce management software into the hands of startups, growing companies, and enterprises alike.

  CEIPAL has over 300 employees globally, with Headquarters in Rochester, NY, Research and Development in Hyderabad, India, and a Sales Office in New York City, NY. We work closely with clients to increase productivity and help them achieve their business goals.

  CEIPAL’s platforms support over 100,000+ employees, automating and streamlining their work processes every day. CEIPAL is a 360°platform for all business processes, designed to help everyone from employees to CEOs.

Our Focus

  At CEIPAL, we’re on a mission to make innovative tools that help companies reveal the elusive yet critical connection between HR and performance by uncovering the formula for making and managing their talent. We’re dedicated to connecting HR to performance, so that how a company recruits, onboards, and manages its employees actually transforms how it performs.

  We’re called CEIPAL (aka Cloud Enterprise Information Portal) because we feel it’s a powerful metaphor for the challenges that employees face in today’s modern work environment. It also represents the fact that our software breaks the rules of our industry. Cloud doesn’t fit into a box. Businesses don’t fit into a box. CEIPAL certainly doesn’t fit into a box.
Key Features:
  • Customer Delight
    • Going above and beyond for our customers and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and by consistently delivering value to them. ​
  • Energy and Passion
    • Passion is what drives us to deliver exceptional value to our organization and clients.
  • Integrity and Work Ethic
    • Integrity means having moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances.
  • Partnership/Collaboration
    • Collaboration means listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal.
  • Accountability and Ownership
    • We pride ourselves in taking 100% ownership of our individual work. ‘If it is to be, it’s up to me.’
  • Learning and Continuous Improvement
    • We are constantly learning for our personal and professional growth.
  • Innovation
    • We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation.
  • Affinity/Empathy
    • Empathy is the ability to understand other person’s perspective or circumstance, whether you agree with this person or not. An empathetic workforce amounts to an engaged workforce, and that translates to business success.
  • No Bias/Transparency
    • We operate with transparency internally and externally.