At BlueSky, Recruiters benefit from a less tedious workflow, with powerful automation built in the software, logic designed for healthcare complexities and an easily reached support team for anything else.
Key Features:
  • Automate Job Order Entry.
    • Your recruiters have a lot to do. Take the data entry off their shoulders with automation that scrapes resume information and places those candidates into your BlueSky applicant tracking system, with minimal manual interaction.
  • Job Posting + Outbound Distribution.
    • While we are cutting back on the data entry, let's go ahead and include job order distribution. Why would you need to do more than click a few buttons, check a box and hit send? With BlueSky staffing software, it is that easy.
  • Resume Parsing + Semantic Matching.
    • The resume is scraped, the candidate is in the ATS, now what? Matching candidate profiles to relevant job orders just got a lot less manual. You set the parameters and keywords to match resumes to job orders en masse and mismatches are held for a Recruiter to correct or approve. The system learns over time, minimizing the manual work with each resume.
  • Accurate + Automatic Candidate Matching.
    • Candidates have more documents than a resume, we know you have a lot of paperwork to sift through. The intelligent parsing system extends into Candidate profiles and picks up details that may not be present in the resume alone. The system learns over time, minimizing the manual work with each Candidate profile.
  • Integrated Margin Calculations.
    • You found a great match for the job order! Negotiating a pay package takes a bit of work, or it used to. With BlueSky, the integrated margin calculator can be customized by Admins and set up for a range of flexibility. Send it off right from the Candidate dashboard. Pay packages are not painful anymore.
  • Candidate Placement + Tracking.
    • Forward operations need attention too. No more personal calendars, no more phone call reminders taking up hours each morning. Take advantage of automated reminders and the built-in scheduling system. Place Caregivers quickly, easily, and track their performance within each Facility, Department, Unit and more.