At Bigbiller, All the recruiting tools you need for sourcing, tracking, communicating and placing more candidates.
Key Features:
  • Find Top Talent - Easily source and fill your job orders
    • You can’t place the best talent unless you find the best talent. Our sourcing tools and features are designed to keep your pipelines moving and your candidate pools full of top talent.
    • Job Posting
    • Social Media Posting
    • TE Browser Extension
  • Track Your Candidates - Manage your top prospects quickly and easily
    • Accurately track and evaluate the candidates coming in to ensure you are making the best decisions for your recruiting process–saving time and energy while increasing productivity.
    • Job Order Pipelines
    • Business Development Hotlists
    • Resumé Parsing
    • SMS Texting
  • Build Strong Relationships - Maximize your communication efforts
    • Whether it’s a client or candidate, Top Echelon gives you all the modern communication tools you need to develop and maintain meaningful relationships.
    • Customized Messaging
    • Email Templates
    • Gmail & Outlook Integrations
    • Activity Planner
  • Control Your Pipeline - Quickly know where your candidates stand
    • At a glance, see where every candidate is in the recruiting process from beginning to end.
    • Customizable Stages
    • Placement Fee Tracking
  • Offer Management - Get your best candidates in front of clients
    • Clearly mark your recruited talent–ensuring they get into the right hands and closing the loop at the end of the recruiting process.
    • One Click Submit
    • Email Templates
    • Gmail & Outlook Integrations
    • Custom Fields
  • Know Your Numbers - Analyze and improve your recruiting efforts
    • Gain a better understanding of how well you and your team are performing with customized reports for your recruiting.
    • Activity Reports
    • Pipeline Reports
    • Placement Reports
    • Export to Excel