At Akkencloud, AkkenCloud is the most comprehensive, enterprise, cloud-based platform available for staffing and recruiting agencies, built to streamline front office, middle office, and back office workflow. With the use of the AkkenCloud platform, customers have seen an increase in efficiency, placements, and profitability. Managing over 14.8 million candidates and 33,000 users within one platform, the size and success of AkkenCloud customers continue to grow daily.
Key Features:
  • Front Office.
    • The combination of our powerful ATS and CRM is unique to the industry, meeting all of your needs and more.
  • Middle Office.
    • It is essential to maximizing the efficiency of your staffing and recruiting business processes.
  • Back Office
    • It provides the robust administration required for your staffing and recruiting business.
  • Payroll.
    • AkkuPay, along with multiple other in-house and outsourced payroll solutions suited to meet your unique business needs.
  • Reports & Analytics.
    • Make better business decisions with visibility into your entire organization through AkkenCloud reports.
  • Mobile.
    • The app provides full access to all records, including contacts, companies, candidates, job orders, opportunities, submissions and shortlists.