Why a Mobile Optimized Website Isn't Enough Today
Feb 05, 2020

Most firms today have a mobile-optimized website in direct response to the fact that ​80%+ of all job searches today are on mobile devices​. However, over the course of the last 7-10 years,mobile usage has evolved.

Today, people only spend 14% of the time on their phones on mobile browsers. 86% of the time spent on their phones is within mobile apps​ ​(Flurry Analytics 2019).

From banking apps, to Netflix, to dating apps, people today expect the on demand experience from the services they engage with.

Struggling to Modernize

Many firms today rely on directing candidates to their website for various things like: applying tojobs, setting up job match alerts, sending job referrals etc...many of these ultimately rely onemails, which have approximately a 20% open rate.

The problem is that even if the website is mobile-optimized, it’s still where candidates are spending only 14% of their time when on mobile.

The Power of Mobile Apps

Firms that leverage mobile apps to modernize the way they engage with candidates will differentiate their brands in a major way in today’s tight job market.

They are putting the candidate experience first and ensuring they have the closest relationship possible with their brand. The app can be used for seamless communication, a simple apply process, job match alerts, push notifications, easy referrals, and ultimately make you more efficient.

Developing a mobile app is generally an expensive, tedious, and risky process. Fortunately, we have an affordable branded solution that has immediately given our clients a powerful advantage over a significant portion of the industry.

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